I answered questions, so where are my points?

To avoid abuse all points will be in your account on the next day early in the morning.

I answered a lot of questions and not all my points are showing up in my account.

To avoid abuse we cap daily points at 150 points per day. We hope you want to provide feedback to the restaurant and to future users and in effort to avoid any abuse of points we limit how many points you can gain per day. Our goal is to provide genuine feedback and not users answering questions to rack up points.

Why can't I see offers?

The offers that are around you will appear automatically. You can choose to see the offers around your city however if there are no offers around your city, would mean there are no offers around you.

What if I accidentally redeemed points incorrectly?

Once you redeem points they are spent, you cannot get them back so be careful.

What if I have a restaurant I love that doesn't accept Dineback?

Send us an email or a tweet and we will contact them. info@dineback.com.

What if I am not getting the newsletter?

Sometimes when you sign up using Facebook, we do not get all your information from Facebook, therefore we have no way of knowing your Facebook. You can sing in manually and submit the correct information.

How do I join the newsletter or birthday club after I have already signed up?

Simply check out of that restaurant and check in again. If you have already signed up the option will not be available.

Who do I contact if a restaurant is not accepting my offer?

Please contact us at info@dineback.com.

Why can offers change daily?

Restaurants are able to modify or change their offers as they need it based for their business operations.

I got home and want to write my feedback to Dineback, why wont it work?

Dineback is designed to provide feedback while inside or around the establishment. Our goal is to give the restaurant/business to fix your issue while you are there. Dineback goal is to make your experience better.

How do I become a part of the Dineback sales team?

We are always looking for qualified people all over USA. Please contact us if interested at info@dineback.com.

How do I contact Dineback?

Via email only. Contact us at info@dineback.com.


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